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The Brainy Baby series consists of 10 DVDs of educational and recreational material, whose method aims to reinforce youngsters ability and need to learn, illustrated by an exciting and fun presentation. The enthusiasm and excitement of the young viewers watching the DVDs is all it takes to prove it!

DVD List

DVD list

The DVDs are not just a number of cute pictures and funny characters. A series of well founded educational techniques used, aim to involve and develop our young viewers logic and creativity (Left Brain Right Brain)
They are carefully designed using a creative blend of visual stimuli inspired by everyday life, children and lively colorful graphics, with a selection of classical music and childrens songs, put together to attract the viewers attention and accelerate the learning process. The DVDs represent images and audiovisual stimuli that are friendly to their experiences and adjusted to their perceptive capabilities; they evoke their senses and stimulate their reactions. The DVDs do not follow a specific story line, therefore, viewers can easily watch bits and bytes of the DVD.

Each DVD has duration of 30-35 minutes and has been designed to encourage parents to watch it along with their children. It extends and supplements parents involvement with their children while offering them both new incentives to build and develop their communication and interaction.

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